FOREYY Adjustable Height Dog Bowls



Raise the height as your pet grows: Unlike most other similar feeders on the market, the FOREYY elevated feeder allows you to adjust the height according to your pet’s needs, making it a great solution for puppies and medium to large and/or senior dogs. With 5 different height levels (at 7.1cm, 13.5cm, 20.3cm, 26.9cm, 33.5cm from the ground), this deluxe bamboo feeder will ensure you never have to go back. buy another feeder
Premium non-slip bamboo. This dog food holder is made from premium quality bamboo wood. And the raised feeders with non-slip feet make it stable and not easy to slip, it prevents your pet from slipping the bowls and protects your floors.
Stay clean and easy to clean. Using this elevated feeder helps keep the feeding area cleaner. No more bending down on your hands and knees to scrub the feeding area. Instead, just wipe down the surface of the feeder.
Easy to swallow. This elevated dog bowl provides easy access to food and water, which can help facilitate the movement of food when traveling from mouth to belly. Assembly required for this elevated dog bowl. Patent pending.


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