MMcRRx Raised Bamboo Dog Bowl



【Easy to Install】Determine your desired height and insert the bamboo board into the selected slot on the side board. Use a hex screwdriver to tighten the screws to fix. Apply the non-slip silicone stickers to the desired location, such as under the foot of the dog bowl or on the edge panel of the bowl.
【Size】The dog bowl holder measures 38*18.5*32.5cm and the height can be adjusted to 7cm/13.5cm/17.5cm/21cm/24.5cm/29cm. There are 6 adjustable plane and tilt angles for small, medium and large dogs, cats. Size of 3 stainless steel bowls: 16 cm in diameter, 5.5 cm in depth, capacity 650 ml, dishwasher safe.
【Package Contents】1 top panel, 1 bottom panel, 2 side panels, 24 silicone anti-slip stickers, 1 hex screwdriver, 6 screws (2 spare), 3 stainless steel bowls (1 spare)


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