Nobleza 4 Pack Wooden Bird Toy



✅【Natural materials】- Each bird toy is made of 100{d62e06b9b2953113c807849911a3df1daaaaf86b2414d31f9d3224f6c916214c} natural eco-friendly wood without any chemical treatment, full of natural wood smell, safe and harmless.
❣️【Keep Teeth Straight】- Nobleza bird toys are bite resistant, which can be like molar tools for small pets to chew safely, helping to wear down their constantly growing teeth, as well as keep their molars in the best condition, effectively preventing them from chewing on cages and damaging furniture.
💡【Enriching Little Birds’ Life】- Ladders and bridges will keep your pet physically active. Rattan balls with strings are great mental stimulation to keep your bird’s brain healthy and developing. Additionally, you can interact with your pet by pressing the swing. A great way to end your little bird’s boredom.
👏【Widely Used】- These bird toys are sturdy and durable, allowing birds to climb, chew and swing freely. Suitable for parrots, parakeets, canaries, finches, cockatiels, etc.


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