PRETTY KITTY Catnip Plush Toy: Premium Quality Catnip Toy for Cat



😸 CATFISH GAMES: 6x small plush cats to cuddle. Cat accessories in different colors and designs – awaken the hunting instinct and bring the cats to play!
🐈 100{d62e06b9b2953113c807849911a3df1daaaaf86b2414d31f9d3224f6c916214c} NATURAL CATFISH: our cat toy, like a comforter, is filled with dried catnip. Size 10x4cm
😸 CATFISH CUSHION for frolicking or for a relaxing nap! Genetically, not all cats react to catnip. If this is your case, we will be happy to help you.
🐈 RESEALABLE BAG: After about 20 minutes of play, it’s best to put the Catnip cushions back into the resealable bag. This keeps the cats interested and the smell of the grass
😸 WE LOVE CATS and only carry products loved by our own cats: catnip seeds, valerian, cat ball. If you have a question, contact us!


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